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Around the Moon in 3,000 years and 56,400 donuts

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Having been upset by communities that focus on one thing (not that they're bad, sometimes, though it can be a little annoying when there's nothing left to comment on) or communities that only accept "the cool" people of the world, I decided to create a community that is to be shaped by its members. As for myself (the maintaner) I love to read, watch movies and discuss the problems with today's school system (like any other normal teenager). So people who love to read, or review movies or talk about them are certainly welcome. But if there's anything else you'd like to discuss (and really i don't care what the hell you post. you can swear more than Eminem and I won't be the one to reprimand you)than you're quite welcome to post it.
The intrests as of now are only my intrests since, as of 5:39 of June the 21st 2003 I am the only member. But I kind of have this idea, where everyone could contribute one thing to add to the intrests page. I hope you enjoy, and if anyone knows how to add a fancy backround, please do tell.

Also, if you happen to love the new showtime show "dead like me" as much as I do, that's an added plus.

The Lost Soul
The Lost Soul

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